Thursday, March 11, 2010

I love shoes!!

I'm shoe shopping when I should be working.  I need to get both the girls some shoes for Easter, which is approaching faster than I can believe!!  Both girls have small, wide, fat feet so I always have to order their shoes online.

While looking for their shoes, I fell in love with these for myself. 

Born Hydranga Sandals, available at Nordstrom.. I think I must have these.  They're by Born, so should be incredibly comfortable even with the high heel.  Maybe if I get them in silver I can justify the expense because they would go with everything, right?  I do LOVE this fushia pink color though!!


  1. love the pink! but silver probably would be more versatile.

    found you via etsy come visit me!

  2. They have them in lime green! I'll take a pair in fushia, lime green and silver please. ;)Those silver ones would look hot with a pair of white skinny jeans and some tan, manicured toes. lol Okay back to reality.

  3. I was loving the lime green too!!! I think one of each is a fantastic idea.