Monday, February 8, 2010

Sneak Preview!

Those of you following me on Facebook know that I went to the Tucson Gem Show last week.  OMG - talk about eye candy, at least for a jewelry maker!!!  I got some fabulous stuff at the show and found some really amazing freshwater pearls.  I love freshwater pearls.  They're like a modern twist on an old classic!

So here's a sneak preview of a necklace I made with some of those freshwater pearls that I got.

I'll be listing this sometime in the next few days.  The necklace has five freshwater pearls, including a nice, fat 10mm pearl drop from the sterling silver hammered ring.  All components are sterling silver, including the chain, wire and lobster claw clasp.  This is a really high quality necklace and at an affordable price of $30.  Look for it soon in my shop!