Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Horses, horses and more horses

With Fiona turning 3 soon, we're thinking of re-doing her bedroom.  Phoebe is almost ready to move into Fiona's toddler bed, so we'll update Fiona's bedroom with a twin bed, new paint and a new theme. 

Fiona is following in my horse-crazed footsteps.  She already showing a strong love of horses at only 2 1/2.   So I'm thinking of doing a horse theme for her room.  I just have to rein in my own love of horses (pun intended - ha ha!) and not go overboard with the theme.  Or worse - end up with a horse theme room in the master bedroom too.  I don't think hubby would go for that.

Also, I'm open to suggestions for how to tie the hot pink floral ceiling fan into the horse themed room!

1.  Rearin' To Go leather pillow by Judeco.  $90
2.  Mare in Shadows, 8.5 x 11 print of an original acrylic painting by LGD1Studio. $15
3.  Spring Pony mixed media painting on wood by Sascalia. $35
4.  Stuffed horse with eyelet mane and ribbon tail by DonkeyPony. $49

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