Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

There just never seems to be enough time, does there?  I'll be MIA for most of this week and part of next week.  We had family in town this weekend and my oldest and bestest friend is coming to visit with her family next weekend.  And naturally, because I have guests coming to see the house, we've undertaken waaayyyy too many home improvement projects and are running out of time to complete them all.

1.  The bathroom has been repainted, but we still have to finish putting everything back together.  Still need to hang the mirror and shelf below it, hang pictures, put up shower curtain, scrub and wax the shower surround, put out fresh towels, rugs, soaps, etc. 
2.  Fiona's room has the first coat of that gorgeous Ash Purple color, but still needs a 2nd coat of paint.  Then we have to put her room together, which thankfully for now will only entail moving a small chest of drawers and her toddler bed and then hanging some curtains.
3.  Hubby is replacing the broken kitchen sink faucet as I type.
4.  Then of course the house needs to be cleaned.  I am embarrassed to admit it, but I'm a total slob.  And I don't want anyone to actually see how bad my house is normally, so I will have it cleaned and looking fab by noon Friday.  Scour kitchen and bathrooms, vacuum and mop floors, wash kiddie fingerprints off all cabinets, dust everything (and then dust again because in Arizona, it only takes about 5 minutes for things to get dusty!!).
5.  I really, really need to be working on re-stocking my shop right now.  Last week was an awesome week for me!  I had 8 sales!!!  Doin' a happy dance!!  But since the shop still wasn't all that full to begin with, its looking pretty darn sparse right now. Well, I guess the shop will have to take a vacation for a couple of weeks. 
6.  And naturally I decided to be crafty this weekend and made princess birthday hats for the three girls.  We're doing a "birthday" dinner on Saturday since Fiona's 3rd birthday is less than a month away and BFF's little girl just turned 2 a few weeks ago.  The hats are done with the exception of some ribbon streamers that I want to add.

Add to that list - I'll be working my normal 8-5 job, plus putting in some overtime since we're swamped at work and I'll be taking 3 days off for BFF's visit.  And I have 2 sick kids, so no one is sleeping well around here.

Whew - I'm exhausting myself just writing that all out.  I think I'll go have some chocolate, read a magazine and go to bed.  My to-do list will wait until tomorrow, right?

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