Sunday, January 31, 2010

Potty Training Fun

We just started to work on potty training with our oldest daughter, Fiona.  Fiona will be 3 in March.    Yes, we're starting very late.  I like to tell people that Fiona just wasn't ready.  But the truth is, Mommy wasn't ready to deal with the messes.  Neither was Daddy for that matter.   I won't bore you or gross you out with detailed accounts of the inevitable accidents, messes and clean-ups.  Let's just say that my already enormous amounts of laundry has increased significantly since we started potty training.

Actually Fiona is doing just great and picking it up much more easily than I had expected.  But I wish I'd found some of these awesome products before we started!

1.  Chocolate Expression 12x11 Zippered Wet Bag with Removeable Handle by SnuggyBaby.  $18.00
2. Personalized My Little Throne by Bellahope.  $158.50
3. Potty Like a Rock Star toddler t-shirt by Koolkidz. $10.99
4.  Organic Bamboo Velour training pants by Wooldins. $14.94


  1. Oh my goodnes, I love the little organic unnerwears! We have had a wet bag since George was an infant and in cloth dipes - what a handy little thing. We still use it today for wet swim stuff and other odds and ends. The SnuggyBaby on is uber cute!

  2. I also love those organic training pants. Too cute! I'm going to have to look into a bag like that for sure!